Benefits of E-Marketing

10 insanely powerful benefits of E-Marketing

There are many advantages of including digital marketing (also known as online marketing) in your marketing strategy and I will try and throw light on all the benefits in this article. But before we begin, let’s quickly understand what it is.
lead magnets design ideas, templates and checklist

Designing Lead Magnets That Converts : A Master Guide

Lead Magnets Design Ideas with Examples, Templates, and Checklist: A Master Guide     Tired of looking for design ideas for your lead magnet? Here is your guide on how and where to start when creating a lead magnet. In this article,…
Digital Marketing Terms

Digital Marketing Terms

Tired of searching for definitions and meanings of digital marketing terms? Here is the glossary of some of the most commonly used digital marketing terms: List of key digital marketing terms: Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO or Search…
Starting a career in digital marketing

How to get into digital marketing with no experience (Step-by-Step Guide):

Step-by-Step Guide on starting a career in digital marketing.
Thumb Rules of Marketing

Are You Ignoring These 5 Thumb Rules of Marketing?

There are many marketing rules a business can follow, but only a hand full of them will help you create the right impact among your target audience. Here are the 5 thumb rules of marketing understanding of which will go a long way in your customer acquisition journey and will not cost you a dime.